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From Twitter 12-28-2010

  • 00:08:15: When I say robot, you say cat! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i55yC-GcguU
  • 00:22:20: Wow, my "People similar to" list is just the list of my favorite artists mostly... I guess it's an honor? XD
  • 00:33:16: Santa's story continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3457
  • 00:57:48: I just thought of a new character and next year's Xmas story... I have too many characters I know, but... I want more? XD
  • 06:54:28: @SamanthaKyle You're not going to be an artist anymore? ):
  • 07:08:29: It looks like nobody got my turron in time... Next year I'll send it mid-November I guess? :|
  • 07:24:58: @kyubikitsy Yay! I'm glad it made it in time, but I was talking about the yearly Xmas candy exchange I do with with a friend in America! ^^;
  • 07:25:43: @dcorsetto Is it weird that my reaction to the comic was "DAWWWWWW!"? XD
  • 07:32:18: @MykalWane It's a traditional Spanish Xmas treat.
  • 10:20:44: @kyubikitsy I'm tempted to try that myself, but Spanish red licorice isn't half as good as the American ones... :|
  • 11:13:39: I tried to play Killing Floor Twice... it crashed twice.... Yay? :|
  • 11:27:09: They say sex is worse than violence because you are born with the "equipment", but.... every house has a very sharp kitchen knife! ¬_¬
  • 12:15:49: @realnoyb The people who are against violent games probably think the opposite... :|
  • 13:00:32: @yugiohtas But if that was Slender Man out there wouldn't the barking end... abruptly and violently? Or does Slender Man leave dogs alone?
  • 13:42:26: I just played BIT.TRIP BEAT.... SO MANY BALLS! My brain couldn't handle the second level! BALLS EVERYWHERE! #BALLS XD
  • 14:09:20: @Iron_Spike You're tearing me apart, Lisa! That movie is so... awfulsome?
  • 14:11:40: @jochan1977 Non-Europeans? We seem to be the only ones who don't freak out when we see nudity in any media? :|
  • 14:14:50: @JimSterling I don't think anybody goes to Blistered Thumbs to read articles... they just want to watch video content?
  • 14:25:06: @JimSterling But if you use enough special effects and a green screen in your review, people will think it's awesome! SHINY BETTER THAN GOOD
  • 15:12:00: As I try to get all the Webcomic List comics to my RSS reader, I realize that many don't have RSS. At least some have LJs, which is good.
  • 17:16:14: @HappyHarryToons Just sleep with some random celebrity and he'll want to talk to you. It can't be that hard, can it? XP
  • 17:19:32: 4chan got DDoS? I guess 4Chan and anon aren't the same after all! http://bit.ly/c72aj
  • 17:24:11: @toblix I assume it's a hyperbole like"ROFL" and "LOL", but I assume it has happened for real a few times?
  • 17:34:33: @toblix I'm sure most people choke on the liquid, but it must have happened at least to one of the 6 billion people on this planet?
  • 17:42:25: @RosemaryTravale Happy Birthday! :3
  • 17:47:26: @DawnOfMinstrel Seriously? 8O
  • 17:53:30: @SmallSinner Please, we all know he's OMNI-sexual minimum! ;P
  • 18:18:33: @Emilleigh Gullible about the DDoS or about Anon and 4Chan being the same? I never believed the later, but everybody else seems to... :|
  • 18:38:31: @Emilleigh Oh! I actually saw a more creditable site linking to this, but then again, this is the internet and no source is 100% reliable?
  • 19:13:33: @jochan1977 So sex isn't more offensive, it's that violence is less offensive there?
  • 19:59:44: I don't know how to react when I see an artist I know draw erotica all of the sudden.... :|
  • 20:13:37: @indigo_k OUCH! That was PAINFUL! DX
  • 21:17:18: @Kirbopher Looks like you got a... Little Kuriboost to your Twitter followers! :B
  • 22:29:43: Prank day in Spain will be over in a few hours... And nothing happened! PHEW!
  • 22:44:56: Is there a LEGAL way to get Photoshop for less than infinity dollars? :|
  • 22:46:11: @littlefroggies Would you accept a guest strip in pixel art and that would probably have god awful puns in it? :|
  • 23:03:56: @enzolombard I know it's not politically correct, but sometimes political correctness can be bigoted and ignorant too!
  • 23:04:17: @HeliosBlowtorch I'm not a student, I haven't been one in a while! :(ç

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