Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-27-2010

  • 00:54:13: Diamond Dan is amazing! <3
  • 06:44:39: @dcorsetto Hazel as Krampus, Jamie as Frosty? X3
  • 06:50:13: People don't believe how terrible my memory is.... I just had to look in the mirror to remember my own color! T_T
  • 16:49:39: My birthday is in a week! *cough* *cough* (I have a Steam wishlist) *cough* http://bit.ly/e1ETsL
  • 16:56:04: The sweater I got for Xmas looks very... "surfer dude-y"? I do say dude a lot, dude... #DUDE
  • 17:03:16: Most laws exist because someone was either too stupid... or too smart... #TRUTH
  • 17:18:17: @goraina How is ice bad for your tires? Don't they have those chains you Americans put on in Winter? PS: Take care! D:
  • 19:38:21: @MykalWane PC
  • 19:42:16: @goraina Iced tires is such a foreign concept to me... I'm lucky to see a frozen puddle! Once again, take care with all the ice and snow! D:
  • 19:45:31: Am I the only one who DOESN'T have any snow? Send some to Spain! We want to know what it's like! D:
  • 20:20:29: @SamanthaKyle I saw an article on this... there is more than ONE book on how to play Farmville! D:
  • 20:26:26: It's official, I'm dumping the Webcomics List... Is there any reason to use it when you can just get the RSS feed?
  • 20:27:08: And don't mention that using it helps their ranking in that list... if you are high on that list... you don't NEED to be on it! D:<
  • 20:32:03: This is a real blizzard? http://vimeo.com/18213768 (As a Spaniard, I'm totally freaked out by so much snow!)
  • 21:13:18: @MykalWane Thanks! 8D
  • 21:22:21: @SarahKSilverman If it's the fragrance of a laundromat with an old arcade machine, I'd buy it! X3
  • 22:09:09: Damn, I just remembered that tomorrow is "prank day" in my country... D:
  • 22:48:31: The soundtrack of DeathSpank reminds me of Pyschonauts for some reason... did they get the same composer?
  • 23:11:34: @colettebennett Great, my OCD retro gamer brain is going to explode now.... WHHHYYYYY!??! DX
  • 23:38:25: @lastres0rt Damn, that sucks... :|
  • 23:42:30: @lastres0rt Then again, I wonder what would have been worse, quitting without warning or saying you want some attention or you'll quit? :|
  • 23:50:00: @DawnOfMinstrel I don't drink sangria... I don't do anything "Spanish" come to think of it... except eating "jamon"...XP
  • 23:52:11: @lastres0rt Yeah, that's the worst part... Taking down your comic sounds... wrong?
  • 23:52:52: @lastres0rt I don't know anything of Bengo... I've seen ads for his comic, but I only read a bit of it... :|
  • 23:58:58: Wow... My connection is terrible today... It's been an hour and only 3 minutes of the latest AT4W has loaded! D:

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