Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-26-2010

  • 10:38:42: I don't think you're supposed to eat day old sushi.... #DEARGODKILLMENOWTHEPAIN
  • 10:57:11: @superhappy A)The hole in the guy's head is from a unicorn's horn? B)Yeah, it's not a very good ad, but most aren't good anyway... :|
  • 11:04:51: @superhappy At least your ads are honest, half the ads I see try to convince you their comic is dirtier than it really is! XD
  • 14:48:08: Brawl in Family has done ANOTHER xmas song? Awesome! http://www.brawlinthefamily.com/
  • 19:50:29: I'm glad I stayed home sick.... it looks like we forgot to do the dishes! We wouldn't have any clean ones if hadn't stayed and noticed! XD

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