Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-23-2010

  • 00:00:17: I wonder what my spirit Pokémon is?
  • 00:00:58: @telltalegames I guess the site couldn't handle going 88 Mph? ;P
  • 00:07:33: Santa Beats Up Some Aliens continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3450
  • 06:56:50: @MykalWane Yes, Speedy lives in Mexico, but the Mexico you see in the cartoon is how they depict Spain.
  • 07:02:26: @NinFreakLan It's probably a Slowbro!
  • 07:37:51: @NinFreakLan *replies ten days later* I was probably sleeping.... I do live in another time zone! XP
  • 09:57:16: @reneengstrom As long you don't get into crystal MATH, that will mess you up pretty bad! D:
  • 10:30:50: Wow, the depression has hit this city hard, it's the 23rd of December and nobody is buying the traditional Xmas meats... :|
  • 10:32:19: They claim that they gotten free lamb from a little village... EVERY single one of them! ¬_¬
  • 10:33:22: I'd rather hear they can't afford it than such an unlikely lie...
  • 10:36:24: Oh well... there is still New Year's Eve and Epiphany? :(
  • 11:54:18: Why do you only get to see the Terms of Agreement of software ONCE YOU'VE ALREADY PAYED FOR IT!
  • 11:56:16: As if anybody would go to install a program or game and read the EULA and all of the sudden say the don't agree and return it! XP
  • 15:12:46: @bytejacker I recognize almost all but the rooster man and the bald man... :|
  • 15:15:12: I don't get F.E.A.R... What's with Sadako... I mean Samara! I mean Alma! Did they just add her because creepy girls where popular back then?
  • 15:22:13: A Zombie Xmas Instructional video! http://youtu.be/0UqEhUm2B_8 XD
  • 20:15:52: @tigresaa That's one hell of a hoodie! ;3
  • 22:37:17: I hope all of my Xmas cards made it time for Xmas... And the turron too! :|
  • 23:54:26: @littlefroggies You know magic wands only work if given by a cute marketable talking animals, right?

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