Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-22-2010

  • 00:13:14: RT @mixnmojo: Double Fine also podcasts http://bit.ly/f6D8kv
  • 02:00:49: @svhernandez It's close enough... :|
  • 11:13:38: @littlefroggies Am I bad person for laughing at how horrible that comic is? I think it only exists to promote their PAYED forum for pr0n!
  • 13:04:13: The next person who gets Spain and Mexico mixed up will get hit by my sombrero! D:<
  • 13:37:43: Another "lie" webcomic ad... the ad shows the protagonist with a gun, yet she's about a nurse telling how messed up her hospital is... :|
  • 13:57:36: Wait.. Eiken was fanservice and not making fun OF fanservice? EEEEW! DX<
  • 15:27:04: @svhernandez Well... uh.... BEHIND YOU A THREE HEADED MONKEY! *flees*
  • 17:10:37: @THEWesMolebash Really? This is the first I ever heard of this... Does the Sound of Music take place during Xmas? :|
  • 18:48:22: @MykalWane They depict us the same in comics, cartoons and movies?
  • 20:05:11: @MykalWane No, you don't get it, they depict Spain like a Speedy Gonzales cartoon, which is how Mexico looked 100 years ago.... :|
  • 23:02:37: Hmm, would be weird or wrong to use the games I ordered as.. presents from me to me? I'm only getting clothes for Xmas... :|
  • 23:18:54: Telltale is down! I guess it's trying to reach 88 Mph? XP
  • 23:25:59: @NinFreakLan It should be coming out any moment from what I've heard?

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