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From Twitter 12-21-2010

  • 00:41:44: @PushinUpRoses Is this your first time? I guess it doesn't like any other adventure game.... ^_^;
  • 00:42:40: Santa Beats Up Some Aliens (But Not Really) continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3446
  • 06:54:20: @Cyclophile So? Maybe Thor had a tan, but there were no African vikings! In the same way there is no way Anansi or Anubis could be white!
  • 06:56:20: @Cyclophile We were incredibly racist back then! Black people were only savages and slaves and white people were demons to non whites!
  • 07:15:29: The main thing about the black Thor is that WE ARE NERDS, we will complain if you make Optimus a hairdryer, Godzilla a puppy, etc, etc...
  • 07:50:08: @Cyclophile Frankly, now I think the outcry in the Thor movie comes from nerds, who complain about any changes to the source material?
  • 07:51:15: @Cyclophile Did we complains when Kingpin or Catwoman were black? I remember some outcry, but they at least look the part.
  • 07:52:57: @Cyclophile Eartha Kit, right?
  • 09:53:50: @theDivaLea So dapper and so deadly! <3
  • 09:55:37: You can only see this eclipse from North America, right? :(
  • 10:07:42: Even if the eclipse could be viewable in Europe.... it's too cloudy to see anything... :|
  • 11:34:18: @theDivaLea It's the new "Fremium" model most mobile games are using... Have you tried messing with the clock and date?
  • 11:52:40: @theDivaLea I've heard it work on some other games of that type and don't feel bad about it, "fremium"is scummy to start with! :|
  • 12:04:56: Wow, my PC backlog is so bad thanks to Steam and Gog I'm running out of disc space! XD
  • 13:20:07: RT @OverTheTopGames: NyxQuest for only 4.99! You can get the Indie Fantasy Pack from Steam and get other 4 games! http://goo.gl/FvOBr
  • 17:03:00: @toblix Are you new to the game? I'm pretty sure it's explained later in the game.
  • 18:08:49: @toblix Hmm, maybe that would have been a bit spoilerish if it happened right at the beginning of the game? :|
  • 18:14:07: @toblix The game implies you sound avoid it? I guess it's for the obvious "dying sucks" reason.
  • 18:15:19: Apparently one of my friends is an expert in Norse mythology and what he's telling is making everything about Marvel's Thor sound bad! XD
  • 18:18:29: @Cyclophile I consider myself more or less Unitarian... if your belief isn't barbaric, I'm OK with it.
  • 18:24:51: Yikes, I just found he was right... Heimdall is called the WHITE GOD.... Maybe they should have done their homework?
  • 18:28:21: @jlist I thought Queen's Blade was a strategy game? 8O
  • 18:32:50: I am aware that being called the "white X" doesn't mean he's Caucasian, he might have white hair or clothes, Heimdall has neither.
  • 18:47:33: @Cyclophile People should be careful playing "that card", if you assume someone is racist because they are white, YOU are the racist! XP
  • 18:48:09: @Cyclophile And yes, I know they always use the card on white people, because only white people are racist, right? XD
  • 19:50:40: RT @songbirdeeee: EPIC LOL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAG39jKi0lI&feature=youtu.be Thats hysterical, thanks for sharing @KculShare :)
  • 21:45:34: Snooki has her own videogame? Who knew? http://youtu.be/X87fVBKrhAg XD
  • 21:50:16: @svhernandez Did you click the link? ;P
  • 22:38:53: @kyubikitsy Get well! :(
  • 22:43:49: I just realized Xmas is a few days away and I didn't get a single Xmas card yet... T_T
  • 22:48:35: @svhernandez It's a video of a game called Snooki, but it's an old C64 game from the 80's before she was even born! XP
  • 22:50:55: @THEWesMolebash The real account should be verified?
  • 23:05:19: RT @AmyLukima: We're giving away Copies of Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 for the Wii. http://bit.ly/f7jwaj #HappyChristmas
  • 23:32:37: @AngryJoeShow Has anybody actually tried to see how many of these improvements are true?
  • 23:37:55: @svhernandez If I knew how to weave a web of lies, I'd knit a sweater! It's cold! It's more of a ... messy pile of lies? XP
  • 23:40:59: @AngryJoeShow I guess they don't do previews or send review codes for updates in games, right? ^_^;
  • 23:44:04: @nedroid I have the console version of Lego Harry Potter and I'm still waiting for a patch!
  • 23:50:10: Santa Beats Up Some Aliens (But Not Really) continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3448

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