Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

About the black Heimdall in the Thor movie...

I could bring up that a black Norse god is as plausible as a white Jesus.. (think about it)

But we are talking about comics here! In the comic world just about everybody and their mother has fought and / or killed Hitler, history is as accurate as a broken watch...

It's likely that most people who are against a black Norse god are racist... BUT!


We will want to burn down the movie theater if they don't get Superman's hairdo right... although all that we WILL do is make an agry post on Twitter... XP

We were OK with a black Catwoman and a black Kingpin.. because they LOOKED THE PART! I'll admit I don't read Thor comic, but a simple googling of Heimdall will show you that they got the look wrong... Heimdall looks like some sort of Saint Seiya villain, NOT like a Norse God!

Yes, there is racism in the world, but some of us are just nerds who just see something different from the source material...

Also, you do know that assuming that any negative comments from a Caucasian to a non-Caucasian is racism.... is actually incredibly racist? :I

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