Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-20-2010

  • 07:00:08: HEY! Pervs who keep asking every single women you see in online videos to "tits or GTFO"... You are aware you are on the Internet, right? :|
  • 07:11:56: I know most of the people who get these comments are seeking attention, but I doubt they want horny teens hitting on them... :|
  • 07:33:29: @theDivaLea Gentlemen ninja bunnies! X3
  • 10:46:45: I just saw an ad in Blip in Finnish.. I guess it think I'm from Finland? At least they got the continent right! XD
  • 11:12:32: @auntiepixelante Can I still write a slash fiction of you with Notch? But seriously, people actually do that? D:
  • 11:48:23: @auntiepixelante Notch is behind Minecraft. Why am I not surprised? Many people only read comics if they fantasize about the author... :|
  • 16:40:21: I just found there is a Star Soldier Collection of the PSP... Japan only, of course, but the PSP is region free! ;)
  • 16:48:36: @thegreenavenger Sakura Wars is on the PSP in Japan? Too bad it's too text heavy for me... I only import shmups... :(
  • 17:03:51: RT @WadjetEyeGames: Holiday sale going on now! Get all three Blackwell games for $9.99! http://www.wadjeteyegames.com/
  • 18:43:47: I think I'm going to dump The Webcomics List.... Their feeds keep breaking without warning and I miss out on so many of the comics I follow!
  • 18:47:12: A claymation point and click adventure game? SQUEE! http://www.thedreammachine.se/
  • 18:52:10: @rosalarian I'm pretty sure there is an app or some way for it to actually happen? XD
  • 21:36:35: I'm still recovering from the GOG sale and the Steam sale is starting? NOOOOOO! T_T
  • 22:38:20: I know my game collection isn't that impressive, but it seems I have a great collection of collection games! XD
  • 23:37:22: OH! So all this racism in superheroes is because they made a black Thor?
  • 23:39:06: Being against a black Thor=Racist! Being against a white Anubis=NOT racist....?! For some reason.... :|
  • 23:41:35: But seriously, a black Thor is historically inaccurate! What will they think of next? A white Jesus? ;P
  • 23:42:37: RT @Linkara19: Posted 'AT4W: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' to blip.tv: http://blip.tv/file/4531373
  • 23:47:57: @onimonster I KNOW! It's the most racist thing ever, yet you're worse than Hitler if you point it out! XD

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