Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-18-2010

  • 00:09:55: @reneengstrom I think I've had that happen to me... When I'm ridiculously tired my body will stop moving and refuses to move? :(
  • 00:15:12: @toblix It's probably because you're used to having.. idle thumbs! *flees*
  • 00:15:56: Mrs. Claus Has Got It Goin' On! http://www.bobricci.com/claus.htm
  • 00:24:01: Santa's story continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3440
  • 10:41:41: @Linkara19 Was this a study, a poll or a statement? They are all equally unreliable for the lack of fact you already pointed out.
  • 10:45:04: @yugiohtas What do you mean by "fake" voice actors? Non professional ones?
  • 10:57:58: I can get free shipping for spending over 20€, the item I want is 19,95€! But they have items cheaper than the shipping costs, so... HAH?
  • 12:14:33: @jlist That's like 100 years in Internet time! XD
  • 13:45:09: Since when do I have self control? I still have candy from the package that arrived OVER A WEEK AGO! If you know me, that SHOULD shock you!
  • 13:47:21: And no, it's not bad candy... it's Twizzlers! Those are my favorites! <3
  • 13:50:30: Mobile gaming should NOT be the future! You have to buy a new phone EVERY year or two if you want to play the latest GOOD games!
  • 13:54:16: @jasonkill A graphic card doesn't cost 600€ plus data plans? And if I spent 600€ on upgrading my PC if would last a lot more than 2 years!
  • 14:29:32: @jasonkill They still get outdated just as quickly unfortunately... :|
  • 15:39:49: @jasonkill You mean as in some companies will buy your older phone when you upgrade?
  • 15:44:56: Ahh... I missed the ol' cheesy retro FPSes with B movie gore and "awesome" one-liners! It's called BLOOD, so you know it's going to rock! XD
  • 16:00:02: @jasonkill It doesn't really have to be that expensive, I buy my games new, but I wait for the price to drop to 15-30€
  • 16:06:56: I got 2nd place in a smiley comic contest! And I'm not even used to making them! YAY! <3 http://mirz123.deviantart.com/journal/36997026/
  • 23:27:05: WOW! Arcanum is kicking my ass! XD
  • 23:34:54: @toblix There is a secret graveyard? I could barely make it past the first wolves! I don't even want to know what I'll find there! XD
  • 23:36:59: By the way, I'm playing Arcanum as a female mad scientist... I called her Agatha Heterodyne! <3

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