Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-17-2010

  • 11:29:46: Has anybody tried out the Drakensang games?
  • 12:18:12: Sometimes I think all the hate in the world is from extremists onto other extremists... (A.K.A. the LOUD ones)
  • 13:58:14: I feel slightly scammed, we got a 50Mb router only to find out that we can only get 50Mb by cable or a new N-type adapter... :|
  • 13:59:03: My wi-fi adapter is type G and claims to be able to handle 50Mbs.. I don't know who to believe....
  • 15:41:00: I got my GWS book today! YAY! <3 And it had an adorable sketch from @dcorsetto too! <3
  • 15:53:12: @zpxlng So you had spicy "Currumbo"?
  • 18:01:54: @jochan1977 Of course! Nobody wants to listen to the quiet boring SANE people, right? XD
  • 18:07:51: Maru Christmas! XD http://youtu.be/saNNQZqqJVs
  • 18:24:53: @SisterLilBunny GYOP? Grope Yodeling Otter Plumber? :|
  • 19:04:21: @colettebennett What? He's homophobic too? I didn't even know Japan HAD homophobics! D:
  • 19:30:39: @Matt_LRR It does say "Unlucky" near one of the corners! XD
  • 21:40:09: Once again, I buy a game from @AdventureGamers 's Adventure Shop only to have it on sale the next week! XD

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