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From Twitter 12-14-2010

  • 07:07:05: @tons_of_bits Is the goodie for level 14 supposed to be a repeat?
  • 10:00:59: Hmm, I'm pretty sure the iPhone doesn't let you use Flash because then you could play free flash games instead of the 99c -5$ ones! XP
  • 10:56:30: Today's Brawl in the Family is awesome! http://www.brawlinthefamily.com/
  • 11:37:56: @djmayhem Happy B-day!
  • 15:31:58: Woah! Today's goodie from @tons_of_bits 's Advent Indie Game Event is awesome! If you like @brokenrules 's And Yet it Moves you'll love it!
  • 15:37:01: @Benzaie_tgwtg Either it's just the Dreamcast XBLA games, or those games plus some extras... I doubt we'll get any extra games though... :|
  • 16:34:32: There is no such thing as an Angry Bird clone, Angry Bird is a clone of genre that's been saturating flash games BEFORE the iPhone existed!
  • 20:34:31: Wow, the bag of Twizzlers I got last week is still at 70%..... Since when do I have that much will power? 8O
  • 21:11:52: @MykalWane Yes, but I'm eating a handful a day... there does seem to be way too many root beer ones though.. strange! XD
  • 21:18:48: @MykalWane YIKES! Thanks for the warning! D:
  • 21:25:43: @MykalWane Yeah, I don't it would have melted in Autumn anyway, even if they were careless?
  • 22:09:15: @thelindsayellis Pony? Well, I'm keeping it! NO BACKSIES ON PONIES! >:|
  • 22:31:00: @MarzGurlProd The news I heard is that it's only for the Japanese PSN?
  • 22:36:39: @MarzGurlProd Here's hoping they release it in Europe too... We never got that game in the first place!
  • 23:05:16: I just realized I don't have a calendar for 2011.... Do any webcomics have calendars? I can't think of any... XP
  • 23:19:27: I really should find some a calendar.... maybe Cute Overload? :3
  • 23:20:08: @indigo_k You can't! It's my turn now... MINE! MINE! MINEMINEMINE! >:|
  • 23:27:33: @onimonster I remember she did a page in that "Tastefully Done" calendar and maybe back in the day she had one, but not now I checked!
  • 23:31:50: Oh! They selll the Cute Overload calendar at TheHut.com! :3
  • 23:59:49: @MykalWane Dunno, I can't remember the last time I had a physical one! XD

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