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Mystic Balls and Blizzard falls... Spring is in the air?

You probably have this trick a million times, Mystic Ball is "mind reading" game, which I  soon discovered how it works...

You take a number  add the digits and subtract the result from the original number, right?  Try other numbers and you will soon see that this operation always a number that can be divided by nine, and all those numbers have the same symbol, so it's just a math trick, I'm kinda proud I found out since I suck at math....

(Skip this if you are not into WoW)
World of Warcraft has been our for a month which mean we must start to pay the monthly fees, but... GASP! Card not valid? I must have entered the data wrong? Nope, but it seems I'm not the only one with this problem and with the Game Card out of stock, all we can do is wait till they fix it....

My Guild tells me I should become a Gnomish Engineer since we already have a Goblin one.... Curses! I wanted to be a Goblin one too! But alas, the difference isn't that much of a deal... And we need one engineer of both schools to build the Arcanine Mithirl Dragon I think...

Also today I'm gonna try out Cosmos, some sort of add-on for Warcraft, which I've heard is very useful!
(End of gaming blurb)

Spring is in the air, you can notice because the parks smell of manure and not of doggie dookie...

Speaking of smells, I must have some sort of cold, when going to work I can always smell the park and the morning air,  but I can't even smell the coffee I have while typing this!

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