Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-09-2010

  • 01:03:48: OK, I think only two guys are actually trolling me at Idle Thumbs, but only one actually means it? :|
  • 06:45:44: @dcorsetto Does have to do with... "the flavor of love"? ;P
  • 13:21:50: @kinokofry Are they going to make a "sacrilegious" movie or series based on it?
  • 15:09:26: Mamma Mia! Look what just arrived in the mail! (It's worth it just for the price of the soundtrack!) http://yfrog.com/h06pb012j
  • 15:22:20: To tell the truth, I bought the 25th Anniversary Edition os Super Mario All-Stars JUST for the soundtrack! XD
  • 15:47:33: Best Let's Play ever? XD http://youtu.be/8MkLGPS6RFY
  • 16:40:09: I have a bit of a fever and I feel pukey? T_T
  • 18:14:24: I don't know if I have a cold or what, but I can't rest and I don't feel like gaming... :|
  • 18:24:53: My back is burning.... T_T
  • 18:41:57: Itchy... tasty...
  • 19:15:01: Some guy I barely know is sending pr0n links.... Creepy.... :|
  • 19:17:25: This guy searched high and low on the Internet photos of a FMV game girl naked.... I'm pretty sure that's worse than stalking... :|
  • 19:38:20: The Super Mario 25 Anniversary soundtrack doesn't have the ghost house theme in it? LAAAAMEE! :|
  • 23:09:08: @MarzGurlProd A game with a franchise attached to it sells more than an new franchise, I assume?
  • 23:37:59: OH GOD! Santa's stories continues! DX http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3424
  • 23:40:21: @jchutchins The 360 has better "indie and arcade" games, the PS3 has better exclusives?
  • 23:42:59: @jchutchins Also, the PS3 is region free and you could import Japanese games if you want, but only some 360 games are region free?
  • 23:55:27: I'll admit it, I enjoy Monster High... for the monstrous puns! X3 http://youtu.be/1D19iai40Dk
  • 23:56:28: But why on Earth is one of the characters called "Laguna Blue"? Nobody in the target age group should get the reference! :|
  • 23:59:01: And would the target audience even get the puns? Hmmm... Maybe they do hope to get some adult nerds hooked to the show? :|

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