Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 00:27:38: @StudioJFISH Oooh, so this comic will be.. edgy? :B
  • 00:38:16: Super Mario meets Sesame Street! http://flic.kr/p/8Ur6cT I love King Kookie Monster! XD
  • 10:16:38: LICD did an Angry Birds comic... *bangs head on desk*
  • 10:37:30: I dreamt of Pokémon and some sort of adventure... I was supposed to rescue someone but I decided to grind my Pokémon... then I was Cpt. Hook
  • 10:40:00: And of course, when I say something bad about a product or series, a bot spams me thinking I'm a fan... :|
  • 11:42:17: Over the shoulder boulder holder? XD
  • 11:54:52: @zpxlng Cholumbo? Does it play dumb and then solve mysteries? XD
  • 12:07:02: @zpxlng It sounds like some sort of South American dish... with ground beef and tomato sauce... and maybe some egg?
  • 13:01:22: My first quest in So Blonde is... OMG! I can't be seen without my makeup! XD
  • 13:12:39: I KNEW IT! So Blonde ALSO has a Monkey Island reference, it's subtle... yet hilarious? XD
  • 13:47:38: And of course there are pirates in this game.... This is getting silly!
  • 13:48:22: Why does every non-serious adventure game have to point out how much they love Monkey Island at some moment?
  • 13:49:23: Imagine if every platform game had a Mario reference and Goombas or if every FPS had a Cacodemon or Headdrab... :|
  • 13:57:50: And now there is joke dueling? Gee.. this sure reminds me of another pirate duel.. with insults, maybe? *bangs head on desk*
  • 15:03:03: Great, now there's a portrait of LeChuck... :|
  • 19:07:51: @Cyclophile The Over the shoulder bolder holder one? I just can't enough of it! X3
  • 22:33:51: What the @#$% is wrong with Idle Thumbs lately? I make one silly post I regret and people just won't let me forget or forgive me!
  • 22:52:42: Santa's story continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3422

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