Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 12-07-2010

  • 00:03:13: It's a secret to everyone: http://adventureti.me
  • 07:28:35: I think some people follow my account thinking I'm the "official" McPedro account.... I don't even tweet with an Irish accent! XP
  • 07:42:28: I wouldn't be surprised if I lost all my followers after making that comment... even though I talk about games and not smexy spider plants!
  • 07:49:18: All kidding aside, I'm pretty sure I've gotten at least one confused follower who thought this is McPedro's account... XP
  • 11:04:01: According to Kotaku THIS is a fat girl.... http://bit.ly/dZoawH (Seriously? I know it's Kotaku, but COME OOOOON!) DX<
  • 11:15:53: Hmm, does Japan hate chubby girls or something? I remember that in most animes or manga having ANY body fat at all made you a fat pig :|
  • 11:19:36: @kinucakes Is that the one where play in a mansion similar to the one in the original game? 8D
  • 11:33:33: @kinucakes I love the long corridor part, if you're a fan, you now what "should" happen.... And what really happens scared me anyway! XD
  • 11:47:30: @badmachinery But I was just going to release my book about sparkly zombie romance! D:
  • 15:57:19: @SamanthaKyle Eew, I don't think I want to know HOW they glisten! DX #itsprobablygross
  • 21:51:47: @SamanthaKyle I'll get the Necronomicon if you get the flavored body oils! We'll call it "Drop Dead Sexy"! XD #letsdothis
  • 22:09:36: @SamanthaKyle Considering how many fans the zombie from Hanna is not a Boy's Name has.. It probably already exists! XD
  • 22:13:10: I think they SHOULD charge a fee on multiplayer. That way people would quit playing it and force them on concentrating on single player! XD
  • 22:46:50: @Dena_Natali I don't mind swearing, I also don't mind the censoring, so I guess I'm neutral? XP
  • 23:10:10: @littlefroggies That's the alternate universe comic where T-3000 comes to kill Claire before she spawns the hero of the revolution!

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