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From Twitter 12-02-2010

  • 00:36:15: @SuperMeatBoy It controls terribly compare to Super Meat Boy, but most games do! XD
  • 00:44:35: @AWDtwit The only good ones are the original ones for the PSOne, because they actually have a museum in them!
  • 01:02:36: Pun Dungeon has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3408
  • 07:06:49: NEVER post anything when you're upset, people will never let you like it down! People are still picking on me for the Mega Man sprite thing!
  • 07:31:40: @Zackules The green one from Pac-Mania! XD
  • 07:35:26: @SuperMeatBoy Wow, that's hilarious! Imagine the good that money could have done if invested it in something that actually helped animals!
  • 11:30:59: @MolotovCupcake ME TOO! Hopefully the 3DS will be able to play that game? D:
  • 12:00:34: Just how effective is PETA? http://bit.ly/hBiwob
  • 13:52:34: As an artist, I think you should really give a listen to "Melancholy Elephants"http://bit.ly/dSQ3TU
  • 13:53:29: It's a sci-fi story about copyrights in the future, but it's mostly about art... I don't want to spoil anymore! ;3
  • 15:13:35: I just realized something... How come you can literally throw trash on a canvas and call it art, but music has to be "pleasurable"?
  • 15:15:01: Music is art, art doesn't have to make you feel (or bad) it just has to make you FEEL!
  • 15:16:01: This has nothing to do with my imminent release of "732 minutes of a Corgi puppy licking a Scandinavian anvil"... ¬_¬
  • 15:17:59: @ysbreker Oh! I never heard of this before! I guess every art form has it experimental side after all! :3
  • 16:56:59: @carsonfire Well, it's not considered food if it's not edible or safe to eat... but cooking is art too? Some people eat bugs?
  • 17:02:03: @MykalWane Art games don't have to be fun... XP
  • 18:20:23: @carsonfire They don't call it the culinary arts for nothing!
  • 18:45:47: @Yamino Wow, what a stupid show.... Does it teach you to be a disgusting PUA (Pick up artist)? XD
  • 19:09:21: @Yamino AUGH! The first time I heard about the PUA thing I couldn't believe it was real... The tactics they use are utterly disgusting!
  • 21:26:07: @Yamino The voting thing seems silly to me, if you get enough votes to be in the top 100 you're too popular for it to be effective? :|
  • 23:39:36: @MolotovCupcake Once you perceive something as shovelware you've pretty much convinced yourself it's going to be terrible... :|
  • 23:47:15: @MolotovCupcake Everybody wants to be the new Angry Video Game Nerd... also, gamers today are too spoiled to appreciate smaller games... :|
  • 23:47:54: @jchutchins I know one of the animators from DeviantArt! :3
  • 23:56:48: @jchutchins It was more than one animator, but it's rather seemsless unless you know where to look for it when it does change.

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