Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-30-2010

  • 00:44:40: RT @theDivaLea: Only need 5 $55. watercolor commissions now to pay me rent! Gallery: http://j.mp/hvmGCH email divalea@ gmail
  • 15:23:49: It's hard to find a Spanish Xmas treat for a celiac... But I will find out! >:)
  • 15:54:12: Niel Cicieriga has created the first "Choose your own adventure music video"... or at least the most awesome! http://youtu.be/tUIu6_eTkjY
  • 20:18:02: RT @neilyourself: The choose-your-own-adventure song/video I started three years ago is finally done. http://bit.ly/haircyoa
  • 21:15:07: @dcorsetto The only tea shop in my city closed a year ago... T_T
  • 21:25:06: Hmmm, if I send my Xmas treats next Monday will they arrive in the US in time for Xmas? :|
  • 22:18:38: According to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Earth is a computer... *Insert jokes about terrible OS system here*
  • 22:31:03: @thegreenavenger Is a taco salad make of taco stuffing... or tiny tacos? 8O
  • 22:34:56: @tigresaa I've played a ton of flash games that are just like Angry Birds... I don't get why it's popular either... :|
  • 22:35:31: @thegreenavenger Awwww.... I AM DISAPPOINT! T_T
  • 23:42:12: @PushinUpRoses Put a some wigs on it and say you're dog sitting! XD
  • 23:42:53: @Cyclophile I was going for a Windows joke actuallty... XP
  • 23:59:54: @radiomaru I assume now you'll get an equal number of replies saying "Wait, you got a free copy of the game, right?"

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