Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-29-2010

  • 07:01:24: @AWDtwit In some games we don't even get any music nowadays! :|
  • 07:39:58: A woman claims she owns the suns... and now she wants to tax everybody that uses it...¬_¬ http://yhoo.it/eZgD3W
  • 07:42:26: @Yamino The baby angels make a perfect "Chuck"! XD
  • 07:48:41: Oh, the irony, now that there is 50 millions socializing sites I can't socialize with my friends because they follow too many of them!
  • 10:56:42: @carsonfire Oooh! The pun potential of Wii and Beryl's... assets! XD
  • 15:23:36: @toblix OH, GOD! Operation Stealth is one of the worst adventure game I've ever played! *gags* DON'T DO IT!
  • 15:27:35: Should I be making... naughty noises while eating a banana muffin? XP
  • 15:47:07: @toblix I don't know if the game is cheesy fun or not, but the music makes my ears bleed... Also, the action parts were dreadful! XP
  • 16:23:31: It's snowing... IN SPAIN? 8O
  • 16:46:42: @DawnOfMinstrel All around Madrid? It's not THAT rare, but rare enough to say.. "Oh! I forgot it snows here sometimes!!" XP
  • 16:49:35: Guys, snow in Spain isn't THAT uncommon! It melts right away though.... We keep forgetting it can snow though.... XP
  • 17:09:28: Surverys: We say they are skewed and manufactured when they are against us and undeniable scientific facts when they are! XP
  • 17:10:20: Personally, I never believes in polls or surveys and even most studies seem unreliable to me! XP
  • 17:42:43: So... Europe does Black Friday deals, but no Cyber Monday deals? Shouldn't it be the other way around? :|
  • 21:22:36: My PC can't run Metro 2033... I guess it will be on sale again eventually and by then I'll have a better PC... I hope? :|
  • 21:52:38: I love Spider Robinson's Callahan's Crosstime Saloon series... You guess it, for the PUNS! <3
  • 22:40:40: @thegreenavenger Oh, crumbs! It looks like he's making some sweet dough of this too! Please, don't toast me for these crumb-y puns! XD
  • 22:46:34: @feliciaday OORUGUGLE GURGLE GLU! I think that's Murloc for "That's so cute!".. or maybe it's "Porcupine chai tea"? I get them mixed up! XD
  • 22:58:15: Pun Dungeon updates and points you in the right direction! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3404
  • 22:59:53: @dcorsetto Will you scribble a few personalizations on it out of pure muscle memory? XD
  • 23:05:13: @dcorsetto I don't know, a car filled with sketches of cute girls and cacti sounds good to me! ;3
  • 23:45:08: @pawdugan HUZZAH!

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