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Call me Mr. Fix-it!

While working a neighbour's daugther complained that she had a report due tomorrow, and she couldn't print it, so I offered to help...

I asked her to give me a disquette with the file, but it was corrupt, so I payed her a visit later to see what I could do...

Her PC was about 8 years old and was still running Windows 98, I soon discovered that her sister has one of those illegal P2P programs and...


Actually they were lucky they had an obselete S.O. since most virii target Windows XP, and they were lucky it had no permanent damage...

I quickly installed Grisoft's AVG Antivirus which removed the virii and then she could finally access her report..

Well, their mouse was dead, but being an 8 year old one, I doubt it was the virii were to blame!

And their printer was out of order too, but since it was also 8 years old, the virii couldn't have done anything to it, the port recognized the scanner but not the printer, and after trying a few things I just new there was nothing I could do for it...

But hey, I saved her from having to redo her report! Wiigii!

They gave me 10€ for my trouble, which I only accpeter since they insisted, and then returned later to make sure there was nothing I could do for the printer and showed them how to use Firefox!

In other news, my BLC Calendar and the Telethon Book arrived today! I need to get a binder clip to prevent it from getting damaged when I hang it from the wall!

Also, I will resume selling my stuff on Ebay, as soon as I find out where everything is, that is...
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