Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • 00:20:31: Pick your pun poison at the Pun Dungeon! http://bit.ly/hiHXMT
  • 00:46:02: Huckleberry Finn has me thinking about intolerance through the ages.. will we be viewed as disgustingly intolerant in the future? :|
  • 00:48:55: If you're going to take a screenshot of your desktop, remove the naughty games for a while, OK? http://bit.ly/gNwNYp (Sexy Beach 3?) XD
  • 07:00:15: @carsonfire Yeah, I already heard about the banning... Spain hasn't banned a book since the dictatorship ended... :|
  • 07:03:13: WOOHOO! I actually got to witness a point in #desertbus! 8D
  • 08:00:43: I won my first game at Poker Night in the Inventory, so far, Tycho wins the most disturbing comment! XD
  • 10:38:29: YES! Farmville is no longer #1 at Facebook! HUZZAH! XD
  • 10:39:01: @MolotovCupcake So you have a backlogging backlog? ;P
  • 10:44:55: "Picadillo criollo" is an awesome pizza topping! 8D
  • 11:04:16: Avada Kedavara! What a wonderful curse! Avada Kedavara! They don't get any worse! It means no Harry, better call him a hearse....
  • 11:23:48: People are implying that non-caucasians were getting treated this badly by the TSA ALL THE time.... Is this really true?
  • 11:24:56: I'm just saying this is the first colostomy bag horror I've heard of... I've heard of profiling, but that's about it... :|
  • 11:25:50: @reiley He played better than Heavy and Strong Bad in my case... But they all seem bad players to me and I don't even know how to play! XP
  • 13:17:53: I was OK with Poker Night in the Inventory after the first game, but the second one bored me to death...:||
  • 13:20:52: Also, in only two games I already got a ton of repeated conversations... not good! :(
  • 23:09:52: I had completely forgotten that there was a Hammerman cartoon! http://youtu.be/Gcbbd42lHnE TALKING SHOES!

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