Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Can someone please explains me ONE thing about the TSA news?

 I've heard about this on the news.... about the poor man with the colostomy bag, about the girl who got handcuffed and I find it appalling... But...

Now I'm hearing people saying that: "Oh, so now that the big white man is getting picked on by the TSA it's a problem?"... What?! I know about racial profiling and that if you're not Caucasian you might be searched, but... I've never heard a TSA horror story up until the new scanner and regulations were up... And I listen to shows and follow blogs that WOULD tell stories like this! 

Are they exaggerating? I'm not saying there weren't being mistreated, but were they ever handcuffed or something as bad?

Edit: I've just been informed that they caught a TSA worker MASTURBATING to a girl under the scanner....

I'm pretty sure I would have heard of this if it happened before....
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