Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-22-2010

  • 10:32:50: Can someone please tell me why Huckleberry Finn is good and why should I care for this racist rapscallion?
  • 10:33:27: At least thanks to Huckleberry Finn I now know why Jar Jar Binks is such a racist character....
  • 10:34:53: Also, why are people banning Looney Tunes when Huckleberry Finn is much more racist? Is older racism somewhat OK?
  • 10:57:30: @ysbreker I'm OK with the book being racist since this is how people where back then, but why is 1880's racism OK and 1940's racism not?
  • 11:09:03: @ysbreker But 1940's racism is the "black face", in 1880 it's "STUPID ******!" Japan doesn't even know that "black face" is insensitive yet!
  • 11:12:07: @ysbreker Oilman (http://bit.ly/9f3wcH) Jynx, Mr. Popo... the list never ends!
  • 14:39:20: Huckleberry Finn is growing on me... His relations with Jim is so strange to describe...
  • 14:40:25: Huckleberry Finn is racist, but he wants to help Jim, he thinks he's evil for doing what's right by today's standards, but wrong by theirs.
  • 15:21:54: @ysbreker Japan's depiction of America is usually stereotypical, white people are blond cowboys, black people have afros and "blackfaces" :(
  • 15:23:07: @carsonfire I just got to the part where he's really starts to sticking out for Jim, which seems to be the best part.
  • 15:30:12: @ceallaighdawn They banned Goosebumps and Where's Waldo? Seriously?! At least this list has reminded me I haven't read any Roald Dahl yet.
  • 15:32:53: I had no idea Huckleberry Finn is a sequel to Tom Sawyer until I got it... Now Tom Sawyer is kinda spoiled for me... :(
  • 16:02:17: @ceallaighdawn Spain hasn't had books censored since General Franco died, but he was a dictator! D:
  • 16:04:10: @ceallaighdawn Also, that list has reminded me of a bunch of books I should read! XD
  • 17:03:16: @n0wak That's why I never keep them separate from my iPhone! ;P
  • 17:06:57: @n0wak Oh, I only have one device.... XP
  • 21:31:05: I finished Huckleberry Finn and... Tom Sawyer is SUCH an AWFUL DOUCHE at the end of the story! He's worse than Cartman! DX<
  • 21:50:28: I mean, seriously, Tom Sawyer puts everyone in danger and makes everything harder for them and IT WASN'T EVEN NECESSARY!!!
  • 22:24:19: Dr Snuggles, friend to the animal world... Dr Snuggles, bringing a better TOMOOORROOOOOOW! :B
  • 22:39:51: @oopsiedoodle Send them some socks for Xmas so they know you still think of them! ;P
  • 22:48:46: @oopsiedoodle Would you say you have a.... ZZ Top?

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