Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-18-2010

  • 07:45:53: @mossmouth The worst puzzle bosses are the ones where you spend 10 minutes getting the weak point exposed... for ONLY 3 seconds!
  • 07:55:01: Great, my iPhone is giving me the "No Content" error again.. I might have to format... :|
  • 07:58:59: So... how many of you are freaking out over the latest QC? Nuuuuuuu! T_T
  • 08:05:34: @mossmouth If it's only 3 times in a row I don't mind THAT much, but if you have do all that work for minimal damage, that's just too much.
  • 10:26:44: @MolotovCupcake There is a good Muppet game? 8O
  • 10:40:19: Avada Kededavra, the music video! XD http://youtu.be/tytOwMLqufg
  • 12:12:28: I'm halfway through Lost Planet 2 and I haven't seen any of the cool weapons or mechs from the first games, it also has less aliens... :|
  • 15:23:31: @jlist European cheese? That's oddly vague... We have a ton of variety of cheese in Europe! XP
  • 15:42:07: So... Quidditch is a real sport now? http://youtu.be/eGtMrCPIYOg
  • 19:59:26: Is it me or does DA now have nobody as the pixel art mod? The last one gave up because it wasn't Pixel Joint....
  • 20:01:08: They say DA is not good for pixel artists, but Pixel Joint is only friendly to ELITE pixel artists, Paul Robertson level MINIMUM! ¬_¬
  • 20:03:52: The only Pixel Joint artist I met on DA get hounding me, my art was "terrible", because it lacked several layers of dithering and detail...
  • 20:04:44: That's like saying someone's art is terrible because it's just pencils or inks and it's not colored! >:(
  • 20:15:07: @onimonster Did he paint dot by dot?
  • 21:34:42: @MolotovCupcake Now you have to tell us! I have to know! DX<
  • 21:49:05: @n0wak Who cares if there are 40.000+ iOS games.. barely 10 of them are actually playable! XP

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