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From Twitter 11-16-2010

  • 06:58:29: @tigresaa I don't think it's copyrighted, they just want to stand out from the other zombie movies?
  • 07:18:58: My 360 got the black AND green of death yesterday and it's out of warranty, should I even bother to contact Microsoft? :|
  • 07:29:55: The real reason soothsayers are frauds is because the last crystal giant died 500 years ago.... #thinkaboutit
  • 07:59:32: Would it be too impulsive to buy a new 360 or should I wait for the a RROD? I already got the green screen of death yesterday...
  • 11:00:33: Although I'm 999% positive my 360 is going to die within the week, I'm going to wait for it to fail again since it's working today... :|
  • 13:12:08: I do believe the CPU in Risk: Factions uses loaded dice... :P
  • 13:32:25: Is it true that American PC people has managed to ban/censor Looney Tunes in most areas in the US? D8
  • 15:04:56: @kinokofry But if they don't keep the audience terrorized or at least mildly paranoid they might watch something else! D8
  • 15:25:49: @carsonfire That reminds of an old radio show I heard from that era, it was so messed up it's like South Park traveled back in time to do it
  • 15:27:28: @carsonfire In one show a woman became a crazy space monster because.. She had a baby out of wedlock!
  • 15:30:39: @yugiohtas If you still have the CDs, an emulator can read and play them! That's what I did when my Sega CD died!
  • 15:35:29: @carsonfire It's called Atomic Tales and you can listen to it on the Science Fiction Theater podcast. http://bit.ly/bOM7sW
  • 15:38:26: @carsonfire Wait, I just found out it's a spoof... Weird! The first site I found about it said it was real! Oh well, it's still convincing!
  • 15:46:07: @carsonfire Apparently it's from 2006, but it's still pretty damn fun to listen to! But it was more fun when I thought it was real... XP
  • 15:49:16: @carsonfire I can understand the blackface and others, but aren't they toning down everything in general?
  • 16:34:07: @carsonfire Oh! I remember this cartoon! Booby trap indeed! Good thing they don't make them Beryl-sized! XD
  • 20:23:54: @tigresaa I think TV Tropes has the real reason: http://bit.ly/aiJ1U5
  • 21:21:58: @lucylou You left LJ? I could swear I read your comics there just last week?
  • 22:38:33: @jephjacques Is this recording recording online somewhere? :3
  • 22:45:34: @AWDtwit I thought Wii Ware had demos now?
  • 23:00:30: @AWDtwit I heard it on a gaming podcast or two, but I haven't turned my Wii one since I beat Tatsunoko VS. Capcom so I can't verify it.
  • 23:36:04: Wow, people are really divided about the TSA thing, half of them are "Hands of my junk", "The terrorists have won!", the others want safety
  • 23:59:08: @rosalarian I'm pretty sure the UK has a different view on badgers than Americans do.... http://bit.ly/9CAZLY

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