Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

I am disappoint with the internet... Sprite spite!

Unless you've been living under a rock, EVERY GAME SITE EVER posted about some guy who made Mega Man sprites look like other game characters and... became the king of the internet and became the most popular person ever?!

Hmm, am I in the bizarro world? Didn't we decide this was lame and lazy back in 2000 when the first sprite comics appeared?

I'm upset at the whole internet, specially the gamers, who don't seem to know a thing about the 8-bit art style they claim to love so much... The NES pallete only has 56 colors dammit!

Seriously, I feel like someone has become the King of the Internet for the equivalent of MSPaint doodles...

I'm not mad at the guy who made the, it might have actually take him SOME effort if he's never done this kind of work before, but seriously.... HE EVEN GOT INTERVIEWED!

Why am I not linking to anything? Not only has it been on every site ever, but...

The guy who made this is tracking every mention of him... I only linked to a site that mentioned him and he tracked me on Twitter! He was nice, but still, THAT'S CREEPY!

I'm tempted to make my own 200 or maybe even more Mega Man sprites based on other games, but I have the feeling it would be douchy move, even though I'd be doing it to show the internet, not him how ridiculous you are for getting excited about this, I could show you 1000 more deserving video game related fanarts! :(

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