Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-10-2010

  • 07:04:14: What the...?! ZORK is in Call of Duty Black Ops? Since when to people who play or like Call of Duty like text adventures?
  • 07:52:07: Apparently I haven't read Shortpacked in ages, I think it's because I waited for the updates on LJ and Willis left Livejournal? :|
  • 08:03:52: @jephjacques That fanfic was as awesome as My Immortal! XD
  • 10:12:00: @AngryJoeShow Play something much worse, then this will make Sonic Free Riders look like heaven!
  • 15:07:58: @JonScrivens Are you OK?
  • 16:00:31: RT @scottmccloud#neil50 ☚ Get it trending! Tell your friends! // it's Neil Gaiman's 50th birthday
  • 16:34:23: @Benzaie_tgwtg I think it's a Blip issue, I couldn't see it a few hours ago, but it's fine now?
  • 17:47:12: @SamanthaKyle It's an alien race in Star Trek? :|
  • 19:16:19: Boing Boing explains the time traveling phone users! XD http://bit.ly/94uMcH
  • 21:32:34: WHAT THE!? A guy edits some Mega Man sprites to looks like other game characters and he gets praised? *fumes* http://bit.ly/ckgb0Y
  • 21:34:19: Editing Mega Mans sprites is the laziest and easiest thing ever! Nobody should get praise for that... EVER! D:<
  • 23:11:02: @dcorsetto Ask Jamie if I can have hug? :B
  • 23:15:14: @dcorsetto But seriously, I'd choose to hear about Clarice's weekend job! :3
  • 23:18:51: Half of the people I have on MSN have been hacked by spambots or malware... I think it's time to switch? :|
  • 23:39:43: @krisstraub This is going to make her next year's present a real challenge then! How do you top that? XD
  • 23:53:13: Good Lord, the freaking "other game characters as Mega Man characters" fan is everywhere.. it's making me sick....
  • 23:55:57: It's like someone becoming famous for drawing stickmen of videogames characters.... WHY ARE YOU IMPRESSED? I COULD DO A MILLION OF THESE!
  • 23:58:55: And now he's gotten an interview? http://bit.ly/bfQvuB SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY?! D:<

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