Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-06-2010

  • 00:04:14: It's a sign! Oh, wait.. no.. it's just Pun Dungeon... http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3349
  • 07:15:34: @bluecanarykit I can't help but to be in the "other was meant for anonymity, not special cases" camp and I think both sides messed up.. :(
  • 07:17:14: @surlyqueen The other option is for gender, it was there for ages and was taken down, people complained (for the wrong reason) and it's back
  • 07:18:18: @EverTomorrow I certainly think "Other" was meant for anonymity, not special cases.
  • 07:49:04: I wonder if this DA debacle would have never happened if the third options was called "Unspecified"?
  • 14:17:22: Ha ha, I had no idea the Gatchaman called themselves SCIENCE NINJAS! How badass! XD
  • 14:24:50: Wait a minute! The Japanese of Tatsunoko VS Capcom has anime endings? No fair! I guess we're lucky to have the game here... :(
  • 21:13:37: @hotforwords That phrase never made any sense, by calling the person vain it IS about that person, right?
  • 21:43:20: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom has done two things to me... I want to get Lost Planet and watch Yatterman! XP
  • 22:05:42: @krisstraub But how else can I become Plastic Man? D:
  • 23:29:37: Dorombo Gang VS. Team Rocket... MAKE IT HAPPEN!
  • 23:36:33: @EverTomorrow The only time I ever managed to have a nap was when I just had an operation and was severely drugged... :|
  • 23:42:30: Wait, Tatsunoko VS. Capcom came out in Europe... where none of the series in it is available for purchase? Kinda cruel, isn't it? :(

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