Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 11-05-2010

  • 00:15:59: @Jer_LRR If it has bear paw prints on it.... move.... QUICKLY! D:
  • 00:36:02: Phing finds a sign in today's Pun Dungeon! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3347
  • 06:49:01: @Iron_Spike Disney is going to do a movie about Discworld's Death? Doesn't Disney avoid death in their movies?
  • 06:57:28: Apparently the iPhone alarm is glitching and that's why it hasn't woke me up! I was getting worried!
  • 07:44:01: People are leaving DA because it's not transgender friendly, I won't leave because the other sites aren't pixel artist friendly... :|
  • 07:46:18: I'd go to a pixel art community but I don't think they'd accept me.... :(
  • 10:38:39: @toblix is this Defender of the Crown?
  • 10:58:32: @toblix I found the updated version a while ago, the main game was way too easy and I'm not even that good at strategy!
  • 11:30:28: @thespaff I have that problem too, it should work if you turn off the repeat alarm option and set it manually until it's fixed?
  • 12:37:18: Zach, I can see the future... IN COFFEE! I love you, Deadly Premonition! <3
  • 15:25:46: Zack, we are so watching Attack of the Killer Tomatoes once this case is over #Deadlypremonition
  • 15:26:13: @dcorsetto I wake up at 5:30! T_T
  • 15:42:12: Apparently all you have to do to make me switch sides is saying that the other side is being PC.... :|
  • 15:53:36: I can pretty much say I'm on the fringe of pixel art... :|
  • 16:10:14: @Cyclophile I was thinking of the other less flattering definition of on the fringe....
  • 20:28:59: You know, the "Other" gender option is for people who want to keep it anonymous, not for trans gendered people, I don't think any site does
  • 21:16:28: I finally have Tatsunoko VS. Capcom, I only know G-Force and Yatterman from the Tatsunoko side... :|
  • 22:44:19: @FB_BMB The Toxic Avenger cartoon and toys were made for a PG 13 audience?
  • 22:58:24: @FB_BMB I'm pretty sure it's not the first time something like that happened, Tales from the Crypt and Little Shop of Horrors had toon shows
  • 23:30:56: Odd, at first I thought everybody was going to leave DA for the gender issue, but it seems most people think the others are overreacting? :|
  • 23:57:07: @colettebennett I think those people are called ghosts? D:

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