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From Twitter 11-01-2010


Previous Entry From Twitter 11-01-2010 Nov. 2nd, 2010 @ 02:00 am Next Entry

  • 02:18:10: Damn, I hate getting stuck on obscure games... nobody know the game so I can't get any hints! D:+
  • 10:56:43: Great... I woke up to finding out my PowerStrip trial is over... don't programs like this WARN you when this will happen?
  • 20:00:29: @thegreenavenger It's the day of the dead in Spain too, but we just mourn the day, no candy skull or fancy stuff..
  • 21:39:26: I think the XBL update broke the XBL marketplace! I can't seem to buy anything! D:
  • 22:50:37: Wow.... this proves that you get researches to say anything is good for you! XD http://bit.ly/8rkQAI
  • 23:26:09: @nek0 Pa que ves una pelicula gore si te da cosa?

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