Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-29-2010

  • 05:45:43: RT @mudron: This is Halloween: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INsSU8Jnx-4
  • 09:12:27: Blip is the worst offender in misleading ads, it's ads have it look like either a uber cute comic or a "gamer girlz" comic... it's neither!
  • 09:13:43: Oh... I just saw another ad for Blip making it look like an action girl comic... STOP IT!
  • 09:19:53: Does anybody remember a cartoon where they taught you a bit about how computers work and it had tiny "bit creatures"?
  • 13:12:02: Keiji Inafune has quits Capcom? NOOOOOO! T_T
  • 19:25:22: Bromide must be Lunar language for fan service... it's kinda creepy that your characters get stronger for carrying a photo of a girl... XP
  • 19:29:58: I just realized that if I want a job as a pixel artist I'll need to get Photoshop, but I can't afford it... :|
  • 19:31:15: @thegreenavenger Really? I thought bromide was a chemical substance? Was it what they used to take photos back then?
  • 21:40:02: #FF @MolotovCupcake @PushinUpRoses @dcorsetto @starlinex @loadingreadyrun ..... @theyellowbrickroad ? XD
  • 21:46:26: ARGH! I can't find any info on this cartoon I can't prove existed! All I remember is that it though how computers work? D:
  • 21:59:32: Why am I not playing Kirby's Epic Yarn? Oh, right... It's not out in Europe until next year... T_T
  • 22:22:01: I just thought of awful joke (as in mean and offensive) and now I feel bad... :|
  • 23:02:47: Day of the Dead Tale of Tales Game Bundle! http://tale-of-tales.com/DoD/ (The Graveyard, The Path, Fatale)
  • 23:43:18: @whirringblender My program uses frames per second, but it's as primitive as Deluxe Paint... :|
  • 23:44:03: This time Freaking out the freaks ends... for real! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3333

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