Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-28-2010

  • 06:16:25: @kawaiinot Your puns are always cutting edge! ;P
  • 06:18:35: @kawaiinot If you keep your mind sharp you'll be OK! XD
  • 06:26:54: I wonder if fans will become afraid of complimenting the artists they like after this compliment debacle... I'm kinda weary myself... ):
  • 06:31:01: @lucylou Polka Haunt us? http://polkahaunt.us/ In Our Haunted House? http://youtu.be/smdORFCnNDw
  • 06:33:34: Deadly Premonition is out in Spain, but it looks like it might be in Spanish only to reduce costs... I think I'll stick with the UK one...
  • 06:36:30: @dcorsetto OOOOH! I love plushies! WANT! 8D
  • 10:24:32: Am I the only one who thinks that most early FPS games have terrible level design and you spend more time getting lost than shooting?
  • 14:16:15: @jlist Does that make you feel... steamed? ;P
  • 19:12:07: @realnoyb Bravo! Are his levels harder or just as hard as the real game? I've never played it... XP
  • 19:21:23: Whoa! Every horror related games is on sale on Steam! Also they just released an "Amiga-esque" platform game! 8D
  • 19:24:48: Haunted House is released without warning or notice on XBLA, but... It's now half price on Steam! XD
  • 20:12:31: @realnoyb Wow, so Super Meat Boy is IWBTG on easy, more or less? That's scary!
  • 20:16:59: @realnoyb Yeah, that's probably why I never got angry at the game, I always knew it was my fault... I also saw a playthrough of IWBTG!
  • 20:50:20: @jessiawesome Correlation does not imply causation
  • 20:57:59: @jessiawesome They should make a study on how silly studies are! XP
  • 21:13:08: @PushinUpRoses It would have been OK if they had let you duplicate the chocolate! D:
  • 22:39:08: Even though I don't take sides on the console wars or the PC / console war, I hate it when others do...
  • 22:39:55: No matter what format you choose, it's likely you'll miss out something you'll regret if you own only that format... :|
  • 22:42:06: I'm actually enjoying Lunar Silver Story, I guess I just hate modern JRPGs that aren't Persona? XD
  • 22:55:28: Freaking out the Freaks... is freaky! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3331

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