Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-27-2010

  • 06:16:22: @mossmouth Is it me or is difficulty a tabu for other gamers? They could never say a game is too difficult, it's too embarrassing for them?
  • 06:25:38: Mr. Tummy, how are you feeling today? *gives me the middle finger* #@&% FOOD FOREVER! :(
  • 07:01:24: Isn't it hilarious that the people that actually believe that Idiocracy will become true are the same people who refuse to have kids? XP
  • 12:30:29: "Who to follow on Twitter" was OK... up until it stopped suggesting people I care about and suggested "big wig celebrities"...
  • 12:33:01: I don't give a damn about Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey and other people I don't even know that you'd think I should be ashamed for not knowing them
  • 13:37:37: @rosalarian Aren't there 24 hour shops that sell sealed sandwiches in your area?
  • 14:05:15: @reneengstrom Do they even have a mer-butt to show off in those mer-chaps?
  • 14:12:07: Lunar Silver Star is coming out for PSP! I've always wanted to play that game! 8D
  • 16:59:29: With all this "I WANT YOUR BABIES!" debacle, I wonder how many people say that jokingly? Is it still bad in that case?
  • 17:31:42: @thegreenavenger I guess it's only OK-ish as an in-joke between friends? :|
  • 20:19:20: @MykalWane Yes
  • 20:39:26: The most epic cartoon medley ever! http://youtu.be/ZrMvYHFeH60
  • 20:41:30: GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! SUPER MEAT BOY SOUNDTRACK! 8D http://bit.ly/aEXBk4
  • 20:45:55: @MykalWane I don't remember ever asking for Calvin and Hobbes?
  • 22:02:28: @JimSterling Check the Studios on that site! XD
  • 22:08:57: @JimSterling http://bit.ly/9f7R0k THIS IS AMAZING! <3
  • 22:35:36: I feel hunger for a sec, then I lose my appetite before I can eat anything and now my mouth tastes awful... :(
  • 22:38:51: And now I feel full? Seriously? I haven't eaten anything solid SINCE MONDAY! T_T
  • 22:57:48: I'm debating whether to try something first before going to the doctor, but I can't think of anything to do to get my appetite back! D:
  • 23:31:42: It's a sticky situation in Freaking out the Freaks! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3329
  • 23:33:38: I just realized that whatever strange sickness I have is likely to ruin my Halloween... T_T

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