Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

I'm kinda worried about my health.... (Ickiness inside!)

 So.... on Monday I had diarrhea and vomit for nearly all the day... it was pretty bad... 

On Tuesday I wasn't vomiting or anything, but... I wasn't hungry, so I only drank liquid yogurt, Wednesday is almost over here and I've yet to have anything more than liquid yogurt...

It's been 72 hours without anything solid to eat... OK, I did eat one tiny piece of candy, but it hit me like a mallet and I didn't want to eat anything solid after that...

What on Earth is going on? Is it possible that drinking ONLY YOGURT is preventing from recovering? Should I switch to Gatorade or something similar for a day? 

Is it possibly a virus or something? Is there something I should try first or should I go directly to a doctor?

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