Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-25-2010

  • 00:17:26: OK.... The wallpaper I had disappeared.... It looks like the file is gone too?! What on Earth happened? D:
  • 07:02:13: Autumn Moon Entertainment is said to have lots of former Lucasarts employees, but all the ones we know and care about work for others... :(
  • 07:55:04: Status: Sickipooness= 213% T_T
  • 07:59:50: I really hope it's just something I ate and not a stomach virus again.. D:
  • 10:34:47: @nachimir Are you going to be OK?
  • 10:37:49: Status: Pants: broken, solar powered watch batteries: Drained and it's cloudy.... "Overactive orifices" sickipooness... T_T
  • 14:20:55: I've only been able to stomach today is a drinking yogurt called Dan'up... At least I think I can stomach it... :(
  • 18:05:23: It's look like I'm no longer vomiting... HUZZAH?! T_T
  • 19:03:36: @PushinUpRoses I hacked a saw!
  • 19:24:08: It looks like I get Puzzle Agent free for preordering Back to the Future and I can gift it! Anybody want it? I already own it! :3
  • 20:42:20: @PhilippaRice Why not a ham-ster with a snorkel? XD
  • 20:53:09: @PhilippaRice Yes! If you teach him bad jokes you'll have a ham-ster and cheese sandiwch! ;P
  • 21:37:39: Candy Hierarchy: http://bit.ly/9rfJMF Either American Snickers are better than European ones, or this list is ALL LIES!
  • 22:11:47: @MykalWane I think I need your email to give it to you?
  • 22:16:06: I was sick as a dog, but I still managed to make a new Freaking out the freaks! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3325
  • 22:55:30: @AngryJoeShow I own all of them! XP

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