Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-23-2010

  • 06:08:37: There was a time when a full retail game could be beaten in 20 minutes.. think about that before screaming "FOUR HOURS!?" again... XP
  • 08:29:23: The site where I bought Red Dead sent me a code.... I used it and it unlocks content I already have! I could have given that away dammit!
  • 08:58:46: Woohoo! Amazon.co.uk finally does Free Super Saver Deliveries to Spain! Time to buy some comics and games! 8D
  • 09:35:06: Apparently all the games I want to buy on Amazon AREN'T SOLD by Amazon and I won't get free delivery, so I won't buy them... XP
  • 11:57:10: Is it me or is the Director's Cut of Broken Sword a bit borked in the conversation scenes?
  • 12:40:06: Wow.... I know my country is lame snack-wise, but now it's so bad it's hard to find friggin' SNICKERS! D:
  • 13:17:34: @zaphky Los mini son mas faciles de encontrar, los normales.. ya no tanto... XP
  • 15:04:23: The audio quality for Broken Sword : Director's cut is kinda terrible! ):ç
  • 17:07:50: @svhernandez My parents bought some Himalayan salt, it's pink! I can ask where they bought it but I guess it was a health food store?
  • 17:09:02: How many times have I played Broken Sword? I seem to remember all the puzzles in the Director's Cut! XD
  • 17:10:43: @egoraptor The original "I Wanna Be The Guy" is equally sadistic... I've only seen gameplay footage, but it's masochistically hard!
  • 19:21:33: @jlist What the?! I haven't even seen a cassette in like 15 years! How can they have been still making them! 8O
  • 19:21:57: @maggiemarmalade TAKE PICTURES OF THE RED PANDAS...... NOOOOOW! ):<
  • 19:36:30: Anybody remember these? http://yfrog.com/mmpntj (How on Earth do I even use them with a modern PC?) XD
  • 20:26:06: I have A Vampyre's Story and Dead Rising 2 in my backlog... it's going to be a good Halloweek! :3
  • 20:42:02: @MolotovCupcake Why do I crave a chocolate bar from a crazy man all of the sudden? ;P
  • 20:57:31: Tanu's Theater of Terror Interlude! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3321

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