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From Twitter 10-22-2010

  • 00:03:21: In today's Freaking out the Freaks, it's time to make a call! http://bit.ly/9VvIZm
  • 05:50:57: Apparently Stephanie Meyer uses 10% of her profits to fund an ANTI-GAY crusade! http://bit.ly/9HRJyZ
  • 05:53:51: They also mention Shadow Complex, but that's different! He doesn't fund anti-gay crusades and perfectly normal people worked on that game!
  • 06:38:53: They say it's wrong to buy something in which a hateful person is involved, but it's unfair to every other person who worked on it... :|
  • 09:10:06: @dcorsetto Jamie's looks so adorable.... and sad.... :(
  • 09:58:14: @kyubikitsy CUTE! I've only played Persona 1 & 4.. ^_^;
  • 10:18:38: @PRguitarman Collect 100 bandages and find out! ;P
  • 10:34:09: @PRguitarman That's the rumor, but nobody has gotten 100 bandages yet from what I've heard? It might be both for all I now?
  • 12:52:40: DUUUUUDEEE! Is that a track from Pyshonauts I hear in Costume Quest? 8D
  • 17:32:12: @rosalarian There is a word for people that nitpicking with words... Too bad I'm too nitpicky to find a satisfactory one! XD
  • 20:44:52: PC Gaming vs Console Gaming: http://i.imgur.com/tkSVI.jpg XD
  • 21:00:28: I hate it when professional video game reviewers "insert themselves into a game" only to use badly edited Final Fantasy VI sprites... ¬_¬
  • 21:08:07: @AmyLukima EGSS STIR MARINATE? XP
  • 21:24:39: @AmyLukima Oops! I just noticed I misspelled eggs! I guess the yolks on me! XD
  • 22:12:08: Is a city built on Rock N' Roll structurally sound? XP
  • 22:16:33: @Cyclophile I thought Tokyo was built on the remains of the several giant monsters and robot that attack it on a daily basis?
  • 22:18:15: How does a city built on Rock n' Roll even work? Are the bricks made of 80's chords? Vinyl roads?
  • 22:26:19: @Cyclophile But only solid hits would be any good for cement!
  • 22:27:53: >USE CARROT ON @PushinUpRoses
  • 22:45:12: Sweet Mother of Mothra! This Pom looks so cute I can barely tell it's real! 8O http://bit.ly/9NuSYu
  • 23:27:24: Freaking out the Freaks continues.... and help arrives! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3319
  • 23:37:15: @realnoyb I heard they erect a gold statue of you if you 100% that game! XD

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