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Game journal Jan 03....

In one of the gaming forums I visit we have decided to try beat at least one game a week and I turned up a notch and said I'd also review the game even it's so minimal as "GOD GRIEF THAT WAS HORRID!"... :P

Today I had some free time, and played Torin's Passage one of the few Al Lowe games that isn't adult themed...

Although the stroy is not that original, it's the typical fantasy world of witches and warlocks, with kings, chasm, and chaos...

Yet it doesn't feel stale, and Al's humor makes this game worthwhile, and it's proof that Al Lowe can be funny without being lewd...

A funny and noteworthy thing I must say, near the end of the game you'll see a cameo of Sailor Saturn, and this will not be the first cameo of a Sailor Moon character in his games, Sailor Moon herself appears on Leisure Suit Larry 7!

It's a very short review, but I haven't reviewed much lately and it's late, beside the game isn't that long anyway... :P
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