Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-17-2010

  • 00:02:07: Doc Rock is back for an interlude! http://bit.ly/9osz7r
  • 10:25:15: What would happen when someone wearing an "ironic T-shirt" encountered someone wearing it NON-ironically?
  • 10:28:56: I actually said that before taking a shower.... 8B
  • 13:49:39: Damn, I have no idea what audiobook to get from Audible this weekend... Victorian? Sci-fi? Fantasy? I can't decide! D:
  • 15:01:00: @Yamino How is that even possible? Did cell phones even exist back then?
  • 17:31:12: People only keep making Duke Nukem "Forever Delayed" jokes because it's to painful for them to admit Half Life 2: Episode 3 isn't happening.
  • 17:49:33: @TheSpoonyOne Didn't they vote the L Block from Tetris once as the best game character ever?
  • 19:51:18: What have I done? Something horrible... and Troll 2 related? http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3307 D:
  • 23:30:15: Wow... Sonic 4: Episode 1 is more like Sonic Remix.... Every level is based on other Sonic levels and the bosses and mostly rehashed too! XD
  • 23:32:28: I played the whole original series pretty recently and I have to say it's definitely the least original Sonic game ever! XP
  • 23:38:48: This is what the fanboys wanted, right? Who wants an ORIGINAL Sonic game when we can buy the classic Sonic games disguised as new ones?
  • 23:39:42: @MykalWane Who says it's better than the other Sonic games? It's just closer to the original so it won't upset the fanboys anymore...
  • 23:41:07: The worst part is that it's copying the original series without being as good as them... it's a good game, just not as good as the classics.
  • 23:45:23: @svhernandez Easy, use a weather control device to flood the Himalayas, then use a time machine to go to the future and collect the salt! ;P

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