Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-16-2010

  • 06:05:09: Man, I just realized they forgot to send me Reese Pieces too! NOOOO! T_T
  • 06:12:17: Starcraft II is getting scary, first they start banning single player cheats and now they are suing the people who made the cheats? D:
  • 06:34:00: @MykalWane You mean the same as the peanut butter filled ones? We only have the ones with peanuts here.
  • 06:38:19: Apparently QA testers don't want to make the game good, they just wants to make the game good enough the pass the minimum QA test... :(
  • 06:40:13: As long as the game is "beatable", the game will pass the QA test even though the game is borked... They only care for game breakers... :(
  • 08:25:28: @starlinex HALLOWEEEEEEEN THEME!
  • 10:05:23: Dissidia Final Fantasy reminds why I stopped playing FF games after since FF6, I want to punch everybody in the face SOOO HARD! DX<
  • 14:39:11: I don't know what to think of the story about the firemen who let a person's house burn down because he didn't pay a firemen fee...
  • 14:39:43: ... Each time I hear something new about that story, it makes you want to switch sides! :|
  • 14:51:38: @Yamino Funny, most spriters I know would frown on taking "shortcuts".... Although I would if I had a better program.. XP
  • 15:00:40: @Yamino Hardcore spriters frown if you don't do everything from scratch and don't make drawings into sprites... *shrugs*
  • 15:30:38: @Yamino I know, I know, but the hardcore ones wouldn't have used a drawing as a base, they do everything pixel by pixel... ^_^;
  • 15:38:21: Dissidia Final Fantasy has FIVE HOURS of cutscenes... and it's still going! T_T
  • 15:39:36: @RamuneIgasu Too bad Europe never gets any Cave games... T_T
  • 15:50:56: @Yamino Some of them sketch, but only in pixels, some are just stubborn, some can't draw but are amazing with pixels?
  • 16:03:48: @Yamino *shrugs* I never said they made any sense...
  • 16:08:03: @RamuneIgasu I hope it does get an EU release, because it's way too expensive to import...
  • 16:20:40: SIX HOURS of cutscenes... And I just beat a game while watching them... XP
  • 20:04:30: Why do so many American candies have so much food coloring in them? My tongue looks like I drank ink! D:
  • 20:30:39: @Obscurus_Lupa I got the special collection of Phantasm, the boxset is shaped like the killer ball thing! :3
  • 20:46:29: Apparently I got some Starcraft fans following me because I mentioned it, so.. PARODIUS, PERSONA, DYNASTY WARRIORS, DEAD RISING, CHO ANIKI ?
  • 22:18:20: @RamuneIgasu It never works when you want it to... But I gotta try! XD
  • 22:18:50: @thegreenavenger It's one of my favorite games ever! <3

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