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Tis my Birthday!

Today was my B-day and it went pretty well, I had a blast and I'm here to tell...

It's started out much better than I expected, some packages arrived which I soon collected...

I never expected for it to arrive so soon! Kim Possible on DVD! I could almost swoon!

I also got "What's New Scooby-Doo?"! All I could say was "Woot and wohoo!"

In a sealed envelope, I found some stamps, with the visage of videogame heroes and champs!

My skin has never been more soft or cool, this new shaver is a nifty tool!

Spaghetti carbonara for lunch is such a feast, it was so good I had two helpings, at least!

My sister and her husbnad came over for dinner, and I already felt like a winner!

Honey, baked potatoes and cake, what a great meal they make!

And now of course comes the LOOT! I giddly jumped and yelled "WooT!"

Bananaman, Phantasm and Trap Door, could I really ask for more?

You need not to worry because the next time, I will probably not post in rhyme...

(Please don't kill me!) :P

PS: I got hooked an Lost yesterday...

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