Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-14-2010

  • 05:50:47: @AmyLukima You got a job at Telltale Games? Congrats! 8D
  • 05:52:47: @MolotovCupcake Is that from Cannon Fodder?
  • 06:43:09: @MolotovCupcake Are you fully upgraded? It's much easier when fully upgraded, although I'm used to run n' gun games... :|
  • 10:31:15: The moment I leave to do an errand is the EXACT moment the mailman comes to deliver the package I've been waiting for all this time... RAGE!
  • 10:32:31: The worst part is that I left because I didn't think the postman would arrive so soon...
  • 10:36:43: Man... I haven't been this upset in a while....
  • 10:39:22: Ahhhh... Nothing like awful puns to make me feel better! <3
  • 14:23:27: Fairytale Fights is way too long for a brawler! The time it takes to do a level in this game is the time it takes to beat a classic brawler!
  • 17:36:39: I've beaten Fairytale fights... It's not the worst thing on the 360, but it's pretty bad... XP
  • 19:06:30: There is no such thing as "mad gaming skillz", it's just a bunch of other skills that make you good! http://bit.ly/a5vqyr
  • 21:53:22: @MagnoliaPearl Is this the new "Your comic sucks and I hope you die in a fire" site?
  • 21:58:10: @Obscurus_Lupa It would have been awesome if he was ripped to shreds by a zombie and yelled, well.. you know what! XD
  • 22:06:57: @Obscurus_Lupa Exactly! XD
  • 22:14:12: @MagnoliaPearl Would I be a jerk to ask these kind of people to prove how funny they are? :|
  • 23:02:27: @essrose Tommy should have been ripped apart by zombies and said that famous phrase! ;)
  • 23:23:58: Freaking out the Freaks continues... without a narrator? http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3300

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