Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-11-2010

  • 06:36:05: @CTZ I prefer Mega Man's Sailor transformation... http://youtu.be/nyW-Paz0h7k XP
  • 09:38:16: I liked Poirot in his first book, but in Poirot investigates, he's just a smug jerk keeping all the vitals clues to himself... (1/2)
  • 09:39:13: ... And making "his good friend" look stupid.... should I bother with Murder on the Orient Express? |:
  • 09:52:16: @toblix The only jerks I like are the beef jerky kind... XP
  • 09:55:06: @zaphky Si, es la monda! Es como mini Bonaparte! XD
  • 14:05:20: I just finished Poirot Investigates... Poirot is a vane egotistical bastard.... And possibly sexist too... ¬_¬
  • 14:06:27: Poirot: "HUR HUR! This women is smart because she asked me for help! MY GREY BRAIN CELLS! LOOK AT ME FLEX THEM!"
  • 14:35:49: @Cyclophile Can you even call it a church if it doesn't have a "God"?
  • 14:38:15: I've just had an idea for another webcomic / video game crossover / fanart, but... I wonder if Leisure Suit Larry will offend them? :(
  • 16:40:37: I finally managed to melee kill a two cougars in red dead.... Now I find out I have to melee kill a bear? #IWANTMYMOMMY D8
  • 16:45:41: Getting banned for cheating on single player games is like getting arrested for being naked at your own home... :(
  • 21:18:03: @Cyclophile Just wait till you get to the are filled with bears and cougars! XD
  • 21:59:37: @rstevens I don't have any earth pizzas, but mud pies should taste the same?
  • 22:34:25: Doc Rock is no Elvira: http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3293
  • 22:51:32: @EverTomorrow Do you have any cool caricature stories yet? :3

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