Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-10-2010

  • 09:18:21: @djmayhem Yeah, you should try to find a good bundle, I'm sure some stores have exclusive bundles, so maybe you should consider that?
  • 10:07:49: RT @stephenfry: 101010 today! 42 In binary, of course. Join the continuum.... http://www.fortytwoday.com/
  • 11:29:46: I wonder if I did all my Octoberween comics with the Comic Sans font.. would it be TOO frightening? I know some would have heart attacks! XD
  • 12:45:25: @reneengstrom There is a Moomin movie? Nice! Have fun! <3
  • 17:26:42: I'm Spanish, not Mexican, but I find the Spanish in Red Dead Redemption Resident Evil 4 bad! XD
  • 18:28:51: OOOH! I think I finally get to do a train robbery in Red Dead Redemption! 8D
  • 18:35:06: It kills me each time I see the subtitles of Red Dead saying "Escuella".. even one of the "Mexicans" pronounced it wrong! T_T
  • 19:01:28: @Lizzlizz Nice! Those slice of dried meat look like the Spanish Fuet, what do they call them over there? :3
  • 19:59:18: @mudron Hasn't it been officially canceled? I could swear it was? Anyway, someone has to be the new Duke Nukem Forever! XD
  • 20:01:26: This is so true... http://bit.ly/G1LXs
  • 20:49:00: @toblix Red Dead Redemption has a GPS too! XP
  • 21:10:52: @toblix With game worlds getting bigger and more complex, a GPS is kinda necessary... :|
  • 21:16:03: In today's Surprise Sunday... Freddy didn't stand a chance... http://bit.ly/atM7iQ
  • 23:59:18: @bluecanarykit There is for going so long without getting one! XD

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