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Project Easter and Duking it

A store in Spain called Taste of America has Cadburry Cream Eggs! And thye'll call me if they get any Peeps for Easter! This Easter is gonna rock!

I was playing the first Duke Nukem game and it's great, but some things were just hilarious from a certain point of view...

Duke Nukem is supposed to be the most macho, egotistical man in the gaming world, and yet...

You just take him serious when you see him picking up big red shiny balloons, or killing pink mechanical bunnies that look like ripoff of the Duracell Bunny...

Speaking of mechanical enemies, the robot are too darn cute to be menacing, they look like the remote kind you buy for a kid, and the robo tanks look like RC cars!

But that doesn't stop the game from being fun, of course!

On a final note, I must say I must be the biggest Jackie Chan fan ever, I'm watching the Medallion and I'm loving it, I don't think there is Jackie Chan movie in the world I don't like... Ok, The Protector was horrid, but even he hates that movie...
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