Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-07-2010

  • 05:51:00: So the the Unreal Engine can run on my obsolete and underpowered iPhone 3G, but NOT the 3DS? Yeah, right... Someone here hates Nintendo! XP
  • 06:45:02: @CTZ I want that ring tone too! Where can I get it? X3
  • 09:15:17: @MolotovCupcake Is this on some site like Funimation or something like that?
  • 09:16:06: @MolotovCupcake Theme Hospital might not work on your modern PC, my copy didn't... :(
  • 09:20:33: Wow, nobody who has reported about the Earth Defense Force movie know that they are from Kaiju movies.... That's insane! ¬_¬
  • 09:39:47: Xkcd might be the smartest comic around, but all know it's really about math debating! ;P
  • 09:53:34: I'm kinda disappointed that you can't skin a coon and make a coonskin cap in Red Dead Redemption.... :(
  • 10:36:40: @MolotovCupcake Why do you hate it? If you like Twisted Pixels other games you should like this one? ):
  • 11:13:57: @MolotovCupcake Yes, but it¡s the same style of humor, I haven't played that much, but the crazy stuff they've done so far is enough for me.
  • 13:06:10: Is it really such a big deal when a character doesn't "develop" through a story? People tend to say that when they don't like the characters
  • 14:05:17: @irishgirl982 I think it might also depend of the genre? Does it really matter if the action hero doesn't have any character development?
  • 14:09:48: People who say email will go extinct aren't aware that their alleged "replacement" requires you to have an email address.... XP
  • 15:30:48: @irishgirl982 That's what I thought so, a bad movie reviewer had that complain about "die-hard-esque" movie and it seemed wrong... XP
  • 17:56:48: OH GOD! I nearly died laughing when I reached the manga stage of Comic Jumper... I wish it had a webcomic level... XP
  • 18:29:50: The High School Manga level in Comic Jumper is called Hent High... so classy! XD
  • 19:29:47: Okaaaay.. the shoujo level in Comic Jumper has high school girl farting giant heart spewing tornadoes? 8O
  • 20:40:30: OK, has anybody here NOT gotten a cold or flu recently? It's everybody either just recovered or just got it! D:
  • 20:53:48: Apparently putting on sunglasses right before making a terrible pun makes it awesome... did I mention I tweet with sunglasses on? XP
  • 21:13:35: I'm curious, what is your favorite funny/quirky gamer/nerd podcast? :3
  • 21:23:44: @missdestructo Maybe it means that if you make a difference you'll be the ONE ONE ONE?! XD
  • 21:57:46: @surlyqueen Hmm, I don't think we have any marshmallow-y cereals in my country... :(
  • 22:23:44: @Matt_LRR If you wait a little longer the GoTY edition will cost 30$ too?
  • 22:39:00: Why does TheHut.com apologize for the delay in a pre-order that isn't out yet? It's kinda annoying...
  • 22:52:43: Are you expect-ant for more bad ant puns? The Pun Dungeon is here for you! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3284
  • 23:46:16: @blackunicorn You might need an anti-septic after it though! XD
  • 23:54:18: @blackunicorn I fear this pun battle must come to a ant-iclimactic end, because I'm about to go to bed! XD
  • 23:55:44: I just beat Comic Jumper! Like all Twisted Pixel ending, it was hilarious! Bed time now! <3

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