Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 10-03-2010

  • 09:29:13: I think I just got a hiccups from laughing too hard! XD
  • 09:55:02: The Terrible Art Tumblr blog is only for the most veteran internet users... It will destroy your soul if you're not ready! D:
  • 10:06:05: @djmayhem It will definitely attract all the male zombies! SEEXXXXY! ;P
  • 10:44:51: @ysbreker So he's finally out of bubblegum and ready to kick butt?
  • 11:04:24: I really wish Duke Nukem had a Twitter account so he and @SeriousSamIAm could smack talk... it would be glorious! <3
  • 11:13:46: @ysbreker Groovy!
  • 11:20:47: AAAH! Too many people are streaming at the same time! Damn you 24 Hour Comic Day! DX
  • 13:05:32: @JesuOtaku I barely made it out of that alive! T_T
  • 13:56:46: @toblix How so?
  • 14:11:16: @ysbreker That's practically being an eco terrorist?
  • 14:34:14: Wow! You gotta listen to Atomic Tales! It's a real show... but it's so ridiculous I can't believe it is! XD
  • 14:35:20: In this episode people go insane after eating left-over "Mag-cans", the reason? THEY WEREN'T MADE BY AMERICANS! Even those this is MARS! XD
  • 16:09:13: Is there a specific place to post your 24 Hour Comics? Or do you post them on your site alone? :(
  • 16:13:01: @Benzaie_tgwtg Wow, Spain has one too! It looks like Play.com and theHut.com pricewise!
  • 16:53:19: Anybody got some nerdy sci-fi or fantasy Audible suggestions? #Audible
  • 17:59:53: You know what I REALLY hate about bullet hell games? They are hard as hell, but you need to play perfectly on hard to see the real ending!
  • 18:15:29: @Lea_Hernandez Congratz! :3
  • 20:22:49: @JimSterling I think there was one in Samurai Warriors 2, but it was in survival mode?
  • 20:45:57: @ulliversum I already own Snowcrash, but I'll give the other suggestion a go! Thanks! <3
  • 21:28:46: OH GOD! I MADE A TWILIGHT RELATED COMIC! I also made some Cleopatra in Space fanart! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3275
  • 21:30:42: @AmyLukima What a fowl thing to do! Did you think we'd be too chicken to click on that image? XD
  • 22:01:19: I love dramatised audiobooks, but not when they are 60% shorter than the original! D:
  • 23:57:58: @mikemaihack Yay! I'm glad you liked it! <3
  • 23:58:48: I've been doing my epic chores and just leveled-up. I'm a Level 3 Twiggy Ent Sapling now! #EpicWinApp
  • 23:58:55: I've been doing my chores and just scored a Bopty & Mossfin in "Plume of Evil" - Epic Win! http://bit.ly/ao6xRS

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