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From Twitter 10-02-2010

  • 08:54:41: I just realized that today is 24 Hour Comic Day, but it's also the only day of the week I get to sleep more than 4 hours, so.....
  • 08:54:57: ...I guess I just pixel until I pass out? XD
  • 10:30:49: @Lea_Hernandez I've started my 24 animated gifs day! XD
  • 11:10:58: Apparently my sister also gave me a Japanese soft drink... is it even legal to drink one and NOT YouTube it? XP
  • 11:11:54: Aw, man! I just realized I don't know how I'm supposed to post these 24 H gif, do I post them when the day ends, or one by one?
  • 12:07:22: The used game store seems to be closed forever... and NOW I notice they had a copy of Persona 3? Where will I get my obscure PS2 titles now?
  • 12:08:42: Dammit! They had a bunch of cheesy PS2 titles I was waiting to buy when my backlog was smaller (a.k.a. NOW)! T_T
  • 12:12:07: And I just realized that was the only game store I know of in my city.... T_T
  • 12:48:14: @MarzGurlProd Congratulations! Omedetou! Felicidades!
  • 14:32:30: @toblix What did they do now? And which version did you pick?
  • 14:47:26: @toblix Friendly fire? That's it? I'm pretty sure tons of games allow friendly fire against allies or escort missions.
  • 15:00:39: @toblix If it wasn't one of Chuck's insta kill attacks I still find it acceptable and normal.
  • 15:02:56: @jchutchins You have the right to do whatever you want with your intellectual property, but fans also have the right to be upset.. sometimes
  • 15:08:09: @jchutchins You can't call yourself a true fan of something unless you get irrationally upset with what you love from time to time! ;P
  • 15:18:25: @toblix It's illogical for you, the player, to do it in the game, but killing the innocent happens in so many games, intentional or not.
  • 18:35:44: @Lea_Hernandez Whenever I hear about Dragon's Lair I keep thinking people mean Don Bluth's one...^_^;
  • 18:43:37: I have no idea how many frames I've created today for 24 H 24 animated gifs day... I've lost count count... but each have 10-18 minimum?
  • 18:45:59: @JimSterling I own the Sega Saturn game based on that movie... It's pretty bad... DX
  • 19:45:56: Wow, I had no idea Indiana Jones was just a jerk! http://youtu.be/fbJyZ4eDkIs
  • 20:29:23: So... where do I start posting these 24 hour things? At a specific site?
  • 20:54:17: @SamanthaKyle It's just starting over there? 8D
  • 21:16:31: OH GOD! I never thought I'd see a Pomeranian cute than Commissioner Gordon, but Boo is... just.... http://bit.ly/9vFDlK
  • 21:31:10: When was 24 Hour Comic Day supposed to start? I started when I woke up... And I think I'm done, apparently I can do an animated gif quickly?
  • 21:39:19: @Cyclophile It's actually been kinda helpful for me.... ^_^;
  • 21:58:58: I somehow managed to make 24 animated gifs in one day! It's no 24 hour comic day, but it's a story in gifs! http://bit.ly/atPHjQ
  • 22:46:16: RT @MolotovCupcake: Sales Post (Please look - I need to pay some bills off and pay for several things now. http://tumblr.com/xdvkcdyoz
  • 22:50:51: @svhernandez No... but I'm not sure what I did counts anyway?
  • 23:04:08: @svhernandez The "official site" is just for places to sign up so they can hold their own 24 hour comic event.
  • 23:13:28: @toblix TONS of games give you that warning, none of them tell you something you should be aware of....
  • 23:16:03: @AngryJoeShow Blame it on Farmville and other social games which are making millions on micro-transactions....
  • 23:32:00: @JimSterling Are you saying the enemies in Samurai Warriors 3 won't just stand there waiting to be slaughtered? Nooo! D:
  • 23:36:09: @AngryJoeShow People don't notice online payments much, they'll spend 20$ in microtransactions on a free game or spend 100$ on a steam sale

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