Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-29-2010

  • 06:02:30: Guybrush will be in the new Force Unleashed? What the..?! That's just wrong! D:
  • 09:08:34: @Lea_Hernandez I'd love to but I don't think it's possible to do with pixel art. A page an hour in pixel art from scratch? I'd need 10 days!
  • 09:23:55: Everyone is on strike in Spain today, but so far the only thing I saw closed was the newsstand?
  • 09:43:43: Remember is it's voiced by Tim Curry it's the villain! ;3
  • 10:14:51: @zaphky YEEES! http://youtu.be/6bu-U4HX5aQ
  • 12:05:19: @Iron_Spike I have a crazy conspiracy theory! Follow the mummy and you'll know! XP
  • 17:55:59: @dcorsetto I was just at a herbologist and saw that they have gluten free EVERYTHING! EVEN CHOCOLATE CAKE?! 8O
  • 18:02:16: @Lea_Hernandez I could do it more "MSPainty"? What do they call that Oeakaki?
  • 18:06:06: Did Nintendo brainwash me or something? I can barely call me a Nintendo fan and yet.. Something tells me I'll get the 3DS on the release day
  • 18:09:13: @MarzGurlProd Will it cheer you up that eventually the same will happen to Paris Hilton and Justin Beiber?
  • 19:11:54: @toblix What ever it was nativeky made for? Will the PC version get the Frank West DLC? Did you play Case 0?
  • 21:39:15: @rosalarian CAN'T... STOP... LOOKING! ARGH! It's like a train wreck or awesome horribleness? D:
  • 21:43:07: @rosalarian AAAAH! They have Hanna is not a girls name stuff in that tumblr! DX<
  • 22:35:04: @Lea_Hernandez I have to join the 24HC forum for it to be "official", right?
  • 22:44:29: @ryanestrada Heavy!
  • 22:47:06: Mmm... I wonder if I can do my own version of the 24 hour comic day... how about I do an animated gif an hour?
  • 23:26:21: Phing has a plan in today's Pun Dungeon! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3266

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