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From Twitter 09-24-2010

  • 00:08:59: @AmyLukima Castlevania SOTN if you don't have it yet, and if not Shadow Complex, Braid, Castle Crashers, Limbo, Shank, Splosion man...
  • 08:52:50: There is no way to know if one of your followers is just a lurker and not just a dead account, right?
  • 08:56:03: @mkinyon I wouldn't be so sure about that, you can get "lurkers" on LJ, Facebook and other social networking sites, so why not here?
  • 09:05:48: @mkinyon LJ is still alive, many cartoonists still post their comics there, although many are migrating to tumblr...
  • 09:17:23: I thoroughly despise Tumblr, what's the point of a blog or social network YOU CAN'T COMMENT OR INTERACT WITH!
  • 09:18:14: Yes... I know you can comment on SOME Tumblrs, but 99% of them have comments disabled! I have to use Twitter to comment on your Tumblr! DX<
  • 14:05:54: Is there anyway to get Tweetdeck to show special symbols? Sometimes I get empty tweet because they are in Japanese or just special emoticons
  • 14:23:26: They've found a way to give your site achievements? I don't know if that's awesome or terrifying... Probably both! http://earnmojo.com/
  • 14:36:32: Speaking of achievement, I definitely deserve one for visiting TV tropes for less than 5 minutes! I didn't know that was possible! 8D
  • 16:07:39: I just played the new Castlevania game demo... It's going to piss off Castlevania fans, but please Devil May Cry and God of War fans? :|
  • 20:24:23: I can't help but to feel like I'm being.... followed? #BADTWITTERPUN
  • 20:28:31: The most terrifying thing I've seen today! http://youtu.be/xln8tbtHi6Y D:
  • 20:40:34: Out of curiosity I checked the Blade Kitten comic.... it's only on chapter 14 and each one is about 10 pages long? Isn't this comic old?
  • 20:42:24: How on Earth did this comic get a video game? I don't know anybody who reads it and it seems to update infrequently.....
  • 20:44:04: The game seems kinda fun, it plays like an old arcade game and it feels like a cheesy anime from the past too! XD
  • 20:47:16: Pancake-asaurus? http://bit.ly/cgdDvq
  • 21:36:52: @zaphky Ya salio en España? Yo todavia estoy esperando que me llegue de USA! XD
  • 22:04:12: Just generated a Tweet Cloud, my top words are: game, games, people - http://w33.us/80t3 (http://twitpic.com/2rkgto)
  • 22:09:15: I did the tweet cloud thing.... and wouldn't you know it I can't stop talking about GAMES! http://bit.ly/cLvjyu
  • 22:25:17: @therealcliffyb Maybe if people didn't freak out every time a game has the slightest sexual content we'd actually know which ones are gay?
  • 22:30:52: @therealcliffyb Andyou probably heard of the Cho Aniki series.... Come to think of it, it's only the US games that don't have gay characters
  • 23:30:39: @SamanthaKyle He he, I love the punny name! The soaps look awesome too! X3
  • 23:41:35: Today in the Pun Dungeon Phing digs deeper into the anthill! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3256

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