Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 09-23-2010

  • 09:40:05: @colettebennett I think I saw either Earth Defense Force PS2 or the EDF Tactics at the local used games store! Can you play EU PS2 games?
  • 09:48:52: Julie Bruin has a small cult following? Seriously? She only appeared for a few minutes in one episode of Tiny Toons! I guess it's the rack..
  • 09:50:54: @colettebennett I think it was something between 8-20€? I think that's 10-25$?
  • 10:02:01: @colettebennett It's a shame, I sometimes see obscure gems like those there, it's where I got Michigan: Report from Hell! :3
  • 10:48:49: Oh, look! Melonpool is still alive... in puppet form? AWESOME!
  • 13:29:36: I'm listening to a Rock Opera.... It's the most awesome thing I've heard! X3
  • 13:45:36: .@jochan1977 Oh! I forgot to link to it? It's Cosmo and Robetta! http://bit.ly/bD92kL
  • 14:03:39: I just realized I'm upset not because someone at one of "my" pastries, but because they are no longer an even number... I guess I have OCD.
  • 14:04:21: Of course, my "door" ritual and several other things should be a dead giveaway, but this makes it more real somehow... :|
  • 21:00:39: @tigresaa Wait, what just happened? I didn't know they made hunting games that normal gamers could enjoy?! WOW!
  • 21:06:33: If you're a webartist fan, you MUST follow this tumblr blog! http://portraitdex.tumblr.com/
  • 21:25:48: RT @PRguitarman: BARTENDING MAGIC I mean liquid density http://bit.ly/a754fu
  • 21:35:44: @rosalarian I read mostly Terry Pratchett ones, but I don't those were YA. I did read those choose your own adventure ones though!
  • 21:41:01: Anime in a nutshell.... (NSFW) http://youtu.be/_riYWsPAgnk
  • 21:42:23: Japanese games in a nutshell... (Also NSFW) http://youtu.be/T16Ad_PwnY8
  • 22:00:19: RT @ocremix: Please RT! Listen to the Symphonic Legends Nintendo concert, LIVE from Germany! www.symphoniclegends.com / www.bit.ly/cH3myb
  • 22:40:32: @AWDtwit They won't give him angry eyes but they will change the background to a mountain of mangled corpses and blood!
  • 22:41:21: @Southworth It's all conspiracy to force us to go back to MySpace!
  • 23:59:46: Pun Dungeon: When push comes to... http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3254

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